The Northwest Indiana Continuity of Care Association is one of just a few organizations of its kind in our country. We are a concerned group of professionals that have joined together to reduce care transition issues and promote improved outcomes. By working together we can effectively provide patients the most effective, safe and beneficial care possible.

Even though the industry is dedicated to delivering the best care possible for their patient, transitions in care from one setting to another and even within settings can be problematic due to ambiguous responsibilities, misunderstood communications, and the complex and changing care need of patients. Patients and their caregivers are at the center of continuity of care. By providing tools, resources, and education to all parties of the NWI COCA can play an active role in improving the continuity of care.

We are committed to serve as a medium for professional growth and development; resource of healthcare programs; awareness of standards, structures and the organization of continuity of care programs. We offer members monthly educational programs and an annual conference.